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Because why not?! :) Barre Where You Are combines ballet form and grace with Pilates principles and functional fitness training to create a one of a kind Barre class.  Our unique class format, flow and principles allow clients to get a fun and effective total-body workout in each class. The goal during our 1 day/8 hour course is for all new Barre Instructors to leave with a solid understanding of how to create and deliver a class to all fitness levels. And because we are internationally accredited and have NO pesky licensing fees, BWYA Instructors can teach in any gym or studio they wish and truly make the class their own!

What Can You Expect?

Barre, fun, more barre and some more fun! Barre Where You Are’s Instructor Training focuses on the foundation of Barre, what makes an excellent instructor and how to construct and deliver a high-quality and safe class.  Movements and exercises will be demonstrated, broken down and explained to ensure students have a thorough understanding of how to execute the movement and engage the appropriate muscles. The workshop also provides modifications and corrections so instructors are able to teach both safely and effectively, which will allow the class to be tailored to meet individuals needs. Musicality and transitions will also be introduced, along with explanations of the three main types of learners. 

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Who is it For?

YOU!! The intended audience of this training are those who are interested in becoming a Barre Instructor but may not have a barre or teaching background, along with those who are certified instructors in other aspects of exercise but would like to add Barre to their repertoire.

Upcoming Trainings

Upcoming 2019 Trainings:

  • Sunday September 22nd 2019 9am-5pm at Dance Glasgow West End, 37 Ruthven Lane, Glasgow Scotland

  • Saturday September 28th 2019 11:30am-7:30pm at Bristol Movement Space, 307 Church Road, St. George, Bristol England

  • Sunday September 29th 2019 7am-3pm at JD Studio, Unit 1B, Ashley Crescent, Portsmouth Road, Sholing, Southampton England

  • Sunday November 10th 2019 8am-4pm at Gold’s Gym, 5101 Ashley Phosphate Rd, North Charleston SC

    Keep your eye out for upcoming trainings in your area! Want to host a BWYA training at your gym, club or studio? Email us!

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