Straight Outta The Mouths of (Barre) Babes....

I have been attending Heather’s classes for about 14 months. I have never left a class feeling like I was not challenged and changed for the better. She has amazing character and really cares about the people that she is there to help. She offers great assistance to those who are beginners or older to athletes. She came out and helped out with a barre in the park for my team of people last spring and we were so blessed to have her at that event. The ladies loved it!
— Devin, Charleston SC, Community Event

I can’t thank BWYA enough for my transformation. I used to hate exercise, but they make it fun & uplifting and I’m motivated to do more! Thank you for introducing me to Barre!!
— LJ, Sydney Australia, Online Workouts

BWYA started providing Workplace Workouts at my company over a year ago. I love the convenience of being able to workout at work - no more early mornings or late nights! It also helps keep my energy up throughout the day! I can’t say enough about the benefits of BWYA!
— Rachel, Charleston SC, Workplace Workouts

My bridesmaids threw a Barre, Bubbles & Bachelorettes party for me and it was absolutely amazing! It was a perfect combination of our favorite things - Barre, Champagne and Girl Time! The instructor made us all feel comfortable and kept us laughing! I wanted something different than the norm, and this hit the nail on the head!
— Stephanie, Atlanta GA, Barre Bubbles & Bachelorettes

Heather is amazing! She makes the class so much fun with her upbeat personality and great music. She will definitely have you coming back for more. I always leave feeling like I got the best total body workouts! Try it out, I promise she will not disappoint!
— Ashley, Charleston SC, Workplace Workouts

BWYA’s Online Workouts have been a lifesaver! I am an avid gym-goer, but find it hard to make my favorite Barre classes as much as I would like. BWYA’s monthly subscriptions are affordable and convenient, allowing me to get all the Barre I want! And their videos are like no other - fun music, motivating instructor and challenging moves (with modifications!!)! It’s the complete package!
— Amy, Cardiff Wales, Online Workouts