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  • Barre is one of the most effective and versatile workouts. It helps improve balance, build strength, increase flexibility, burn calories and improve stability through a stronger core, making Barre perfect for someone just getting into exercise all the way to the experienced athlete. 

  • An Online Video Streaming Subscription allows you to work Barre into YOUR schedule wherever you are.

  • Unlike other online barre videos, BWYA will make you feel like your instructor is right there with you! Encouragement, bangin’ playlists, modifications and many laughs along the way is what sets us apart from the rest!

  • Be a part of the Barre Babe Community! We promote, encourage and facilitate nights out so our #barrebabes have a sense of community even if they can’t make it into a classroom. We like to move it move it!

What We Offer

  • Express Barre

    • 30 minute class

  • Signature (Full-Length) Barre

    • 50-55 minute class

  • Back to Basics 

    • Modifications 

    • Breakdown of barre form and terminology  

  • Yoga

    • Power Yoga 45

    • Flow Yoga 45

    • A new Yoga workout will be aded to the Video Library once a quarter

  • New Additions

    • A new Signature class and an Express class will be added to the Video Library on the 1st of each month

It's For Everyone

  • Work Work Work Work Work (and kids!) - too busy to find time to make it to the gym? Fit barre in whenever and wherever you can!

  • Out in the Boondocks? - perhaps you don’t have a Barre studio or a gym that offers Barre close to you? Boom! Your wish is our command!

  • More Cowbell! We mean Barre…. - maybe you already go to Barre at your local studio or gym? BWYA’s Online Video Streaming Subscriptions are priced affordably enough so that you can keep your gym membership and still get all the Barre you want!

  • Are you a jet-setter? - no need to fall off the wagon while you are galavanting around the world! Bring BWYA along for the ride and keep that Barre Body on point!

Online Workouts FAQS

Where can I do it?

Literally anywhere and everywhere! In your living room, bedroom, basement, hotel room or on vacation - use your imagination! Barre is a low-impact, high-intensity workout. We don't jump that often, but with that being said, try to refrain from doing barre on concrete. 

How often should I do Barre?

For optimized results, doing a Barre class 3-4 days a week will help lengthen, strengthen and tone. We suggest picking one playlist from the Library and sticking with it for a week - this way you are becoming familiar with the exercises, fatiguing the muscles and are better able to access your progress!

What equipment do I need?

A yoga mat, sturdy chair, set of 2-3lb weights, a 7.5in Pilates Ball and a water bottle (and perhaps a towel too!). 

I'm pregnant, can I still do barre?

BWYA recommends checking with your Dr before starting any new workout. The general rule is if you have been working out 3 months before becoming pregnant, you should be able to continue with your usual routine.

Can I save the videos to use offline when I do not have internet connection?

If you want to watch a video when you aren't connected to wifi or your cell network, you can choose to sync (download) videos to your iPhone or iPad using the VHX iOS app

Can I watch my videos on any device?

You can watch our Online Workouts across the web and on all devices. You can also cast from your phone, tablet and laptop onto your TV through Airplay and Chromecast. Here is a helpful link to answer all your viewing questions!

Chromecast is a super easy way to stream your videos from your Apple IOS or Android based devices. Here is a link to purchase your Chromecast. In most cases, this should be all you need to successfully watch your videos on the big screen!

How do I manage my subscription?

Click this link and you can manage all aspects of your subscription - billing info, how to cancel/pause, promo code redemption, and more!

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