What do I wear to Barre?

What do I wear to Barre?

You’ve done your research. You now know that BARRE does not serve peanuts and beer, nor is it pronounced “bar-A.” But now you want to know what exactly to WEAR to this new phenomenon?! Maybe a leotard and tights aren’t exactly your jam? Don’t worry, it’s not mine either! It’s important to look and feel comfortable and also allow your body and mind to move freely! Here are the top 4 tips on what to wear to Barre from top to bottom:

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1.) No distractions! I find it very distracting when my hair is in my face! I know after a blow-out you may want to come to class and show off those luscious locks, but pull it back when class gets started! Keeping your hair off your face keeps it cleaner, prevents that hot/suffocating feeling and keeps you focused on those lovely ballet burpees! Here is my favorite trick to keeping the perfect ponytail all class long!

2.) Support the Girls. Even though Barre isn’t known for plyometrics and high-intensity, there are some cardio components throughout the class, so it’s important that you wear a sports bra that will provide the support you need. I personally prefer ones that don’t come too high up around my neck and are open in the back to help keep me cooler. I have the best luck at Lululemon and Forever 21! (And if Lulu doesn’t quite fit into your budget, check out their “We Made Too Much” tab for major discounted products!)

3.) Say NO to crotch sweat. Take it from me, there is NOTHING more embarrassing than to be in the front of class with a big ol’ sweat patch in the front (or back!) of your leggings! You want to find leggings, or Sassy Pants as I like to call them, that are moisture wicking and breathable. High-waisted is also a good option if you are looking for more support and less “hiking-up” after each exercise. Whether you choose crop, ankle length or stirrup is totally a personal preference! K-Deer checks all these boxes for me! They are also a woman-owned business and proceeds from their Signature Stripes are donated to different non-profit organizations! So it’s a win-win!

4.) Barre Socks: Yay or Nay? Some studios and gyms require all clients to wear Barre socks in class. For others, it’s up to personal preference. I tend to flip back and forth depending on where I am teaching or taking. For those that need a little bit of extra support, find they slip around in class or are a bit of a germaphobe, I would suggest wearing Barre socks. There are lots of different types of socks: Ballet cut, crew cut, low cut, half-toe, and more! I prefer half-toe socks because I still feel like I have control over my toes and can “feel” the floor. Either way, if you are going to wear socks in class, make sure they have the sticky grip at the bottom so you don’t face plant! Great Soles offers lots of different styles and donates a portion of their profits to cancer research and education!

A new pair of sassy pants or top can be a great motivator. I know for me personally, if I am feeling my OOTD, I work so much harder in class! When choosing the right apparel, just make sure it works for your body and makes you FEEL good! No distractions, the right support and worry-free!

Hope to see you at the barre soon!


Heather McCreight

Heather Johnson