How can I do Barre while traveling?

How can I do Barre while traveling?

Summer is in full swing, and even though these months are meant to be a bit slower and more relaxed, summertime can be pretty hectic with camps, vacations and all the things! But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise your Barre workouts! Keeping to your fitness regimen will help keep you looking and feeling good without missing out on beach time! Here are three ways that you can stay fit while traveling:


1.) Plan for it! Set yourself up for success before you even leave your home! Pack a few workout outfits (I usually pack 1-2 different bottoms with interchangeable tops/bras with one pair of sneakers that goes with everything) and do a little research of different fitness facilities you can visit or outdoor activities you can do!

2.) Early(ish!) bird catches the worm! Even if you may not typically workout in the morning, getting your workout in first thing while on vacation can help make sure that it actually happens! Don’t fret, “first thing” doesn’t mean you can’t still sleep in, but make it the first thing on your agenda. If you wait to workout later in the day, after a few mai tais and some sun, you may not be feeling very motivated to get your sweat on!

3.) Use what ya got! I love to use my vacation time to try out different studios and classes! But sometimes that is not feasible (remote location, not ideal timetable, too much $$$, etc), so take advantage of what you DO have! Most hotels have fitness spaces you can use or go for a run on the beach or around town! You can also bring your favorite workouts with you on vacation! Our Online Workouts can literally be done wherever you are with no equipment needed! You can pull them up on your phone, tablet or laptop and if you aren’t going to have an internet connection you can download them ahead of time. (You can also try it for 7 days FREE!)

Summertime is when a lot of people say they fall off the “fitness wagon,” but it doesn’t have to be that way! By just planning ahead, scheduling it in and using what’s available, you can still keep on track and continue reaching those goals! And there will be no need to feel guilty in a little bit of over-indulgence when you know you still got your sweat on!

Happy Summer and I hope to see you at the barre soon!


Heather McCreight

Heather Johnson