Top 4 Misconceptions of Barre

Top 4 Misconceptions of Barre

Maybe you have been holding out on trying Barre because you are a skeptic, or perhaps you are a Barre Instructor and have heard everything under the sun about what your clients come in thinking Barre is. I know me personally, I have listened to SO many different ideas of what people have in their head of what Barre is supposed to be. And although I will admit, some of them are pretty funny, I don’t like to think that the untruths like you have to wear tutus or be able to touch your toes is keeping anyone from getting to experience ALL the benefits of Barre! Here are the top 4 misconceptions of Barre busted once and for all!


1.) I have to be a dancer. “I don’t do Barre because I don’t have any rhythm…I am not very flexible…I don’t look like a dancer.” Lies, lies, lies! Although Barre was created BY a dancer, it was not created exclusively FOR dancers. If you have a pulse, you can do Barre! Can’t move to the beat? Awesome! We aren’t performing in a Broadway show! Can’t bring your head to your leg? Fantastic, I can’t either! (But I can promise you that your flexibility will improve by taking Barre!) Don’t look like Misty Copeland? No one else in class likely does either! You don’t have to remember choreography, be Flexi Lexi or look like someone who dances with the New York City Ballet to take a Barre class. It really is for anyBODY!!

2. ) No boys allowed. There is no “Girls Only” sign outside of the Barre studio like you had on your teenage bedroom door. And although we often refer to our clients as Barre Babes, there are Barre Beaus as well! Guys like adding Barre into their weekly workouts as a great active-recovery class. And it is also becoming more popular in collegiate and professional sports teams’ workout regimens because it engages the smaller stabilizing muscles and has intentional stretching, providing great mind-body opportunities and helps lower the risk of injuries. So bring your husband, boyfriend, dad, brother, or co-worker to the bar with a double r next time and show them what that Barre Burn is all about!

3.) It isn’t challenging enough/It’s too challenging. Remember when I said Barre is for anyBODY? I really do mean it. Just like any workout should be, Barre classes are designed to allow you to get out of it exactly what you put into it! I know for the classes that I teach, I feel I am responsible for helping my clients realize what they are capable of. For some, if I don’t push them, they will never push themselves. And for others, I give lots of different modifications to help them succeed! At the end of the 50 minutes, I want my clients to feel like they got a total-body workout but aren’t afraid to come back for more! From professional athletes to someone who hasn’t worked out in 15 years, Barre class is made for any and all levels.

4.) I need a barre. This last myth buster is for my gyms/businesses and my Online Barre Babes (and Beaus!!!). While talking to numerous different gym owners and HR personnel about adding a Barre program to their Group Fitness class schedule or Workplace Wellness program, this main misconception kept popping up - they need a barre if they are going to provide Barre classes. And don’t get me wrong, while having a Barre is a HUGE plus, it is definitely not necessary, especially in the beginning. Only 25% of the classes that I teach have a barre to use, the other 75% we use chairs, countertops, walls or window sills! And for those who don’t think they can do Barre at home, the same rings true! For the majority of the exercises used at the barre, the barre is primarily used for balance purposes, so anything that you can lightly grip will suffice!

And there you have it! We have officially busted the big myths, untruths and misconceptions (and dare I say POOR EXCUSES) of what Barre is and why someone can’t do it. So go and start spreading the good word! No dance experience required! Bring all the boys to the yard….I mean barre ;) It is as challenging or accommodating as you need it to be! And you don’t necessarily need a barre to do Barre! What are you waiting for?!

Hope to see you at the barre soon!


Heather McCreight

Heather Johnson